Open E Cry Support – Update 2

We’ve got the approval from Open E Cry for our new order server. It is made compatible with their latest API.

For release notes on the new order server, go here.


Open E Cry Support – Update

Several important corrections regarding the status of Open E Cry and its upcoming new API:

1. We are notified by OEC that they are not integrating their technology with optionsXpress.

2. Gain Capital has acquired OEC from optionsXpress.
See the announcement here,

3. Remoting is no longer necessary when you run OEC Trader and NeoTicker side by side.

Will keep you all posted on this exciting new update.


We’ve Moved

We’ve completed our move earlier than expected!

Address and phone number information are updated in our website contact page.


We’re Moving

Coming 2 weeks we are relocating to a new location.

Since the area is not within the same part of our city, we are forced to give up the existing land line numbers with the phone company.

Current phone numbers will be disconnected as of June 29, 2012 and I will post the new phone numbers as soon as we get that working this week.


Open E Cry Support

Open E Cry has been working on a major revision to their API since their integration with OptionExpress.

We have been working on their new API for a while and here are some great news.

First, the new individual symbol request capability from their feed means better control of what symbol you stream from them and reduced CPU load.

Second, remoting is now some what functional means you can start NeoTicker connected to their server, then start the OEC Trader app to run alongside NeoTicker. You get to keep all the order placement features you like with OEC Trader and having NeoTicker handling the complex analytics.

(The other way around, meaning starting OEC Trader first, then launch NeoTicker, does not result in proper connection.)

OEC does not provide us with an official release date yet for the new API. Whenever they are ready to release that, NeoTicker will have the order server ready too.


Seasons Greetings / Holiday Hours


Happy Holidays!

We at TickQuest wish you a prosperous New Year!

Our sales office will be closed from Monday Dec 26, 2011 to Monday Jan 2, 2012.


Plotting Lunar Cycle

Received a number of request on the lunar cycle plot I showed in the blog article Lunar Cycle – First Look in

Here it is. It is done with the formula indicator with the following formula code.

$utc := datetime2utc (date + 0.5);
utc2julian ($utc, $jd, $jt);
moonphase ($jd, $jt, $mp);

Nothing fancy. Just calling the built-in functions to do the job.

It will be a simple exercise for the readers to create a custom indicator based on the code provided.


Canada Day Office Hours

Our sales office will be closed on July 1 observing Canada Day.

Support will be available through email and forum.

Normal business hours resume on Monday, July 4.


Forums Upgrade Progress

Over the weekend we successfully upgraded our forums software to a newer version.

This will help us dealing with spam messages and other related issues.

More upgrades will be performed over the coming weekend.

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