Gann Box – A Custom Drawing Tool Example

A user requested for the ability to draw Gann Box in his chart. Since he is not good at programming, we promised to have it done and here it is. The GannBox custom drawing tool is a good example on what can be done with custom drawing tool.

Here is the link to the code, Gann Box. Right click on this link and save scripting file into NeoTicker installation directory, CustomDrawingTool directory. Then use Toolbar setup windows to install the custom drawing tool.

Then within NeoTicker, you can open up the drawing tool setup window to
assign the GannBox as one of the custom drawing tool. In case you do not know where to find the drawing tool setup window, it can opened from the drawing tool bar directly by simply right-click on the bar, then choose “setup”.

Gannbox setup

Once you installed the Gann Box drawing tool, you can use it in any chart.

Here is an example of the Gann Box drawn onto a 5-min emini S&P chart,

Gannbox example

Basic usage of the tool is for the identification of possible future support/resistance area based on the initial moves that you have marked with the tool. This tool is very handy as it combines the work of drawing the basic trend channels and the related price levels all together.

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