Using Excel with NeoTicker Part 1


You need to take a snapshot of the current market prices of a list of symbols and format the data for presentation purpose. NeoTicker® can export data directly to Excel and reformat the data for this purpose.

Step by Step Guide

1. Create a quote window from a predefined quote window template, for example, the “Dow Jones 30” template.


2. Send the quote window data to Excel by choosing the popup menu item Export Table>Excel.


3. NeoTicker® will instruct Excel to open a worksheet and export the data in the quote window to this worksheet. The resulting Excel spreadsheet should look like this.


4. You can then use one of the AutoFormat template in Excel to enhance the visual impact of the table.



5. The result can be used for presentation or you can apply more formatting to fit your need.


Note: We created this example long time ago and it was placed in a spot very hard to find. As we are re-organizing our website, more useful posts and examples will be moved over to the blog site.

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