Howto Download and Import Historical Data

This article is a step by step guide that shows how to import historical data files downloaded from TickQuest website customer area in to NeoTicker.

1, Downlaod Data

At TickQuest website download historical data page, click on link on download page to download historical data file for that symbol.

Click on file link to download historical data files.

Click on file link to download historical data files.

I use NQ for this example, file name is NQ.zip for downloaded file. Make sure you have downloaded the data files into a local drive location that you will be able to find later on.

2, Import File

After download is completed at NeoTicker main menu select Tool> Data Tool to bring up NeoTicker Data Tool.

NeoTicker Data Tool

NeoTicker Data Tool

  • Click on Import from Archive button.
  • At Import from Archive screen click on […] button to bring up file selection screen.
  • Locate and select downloaded zip file at local hard drive. Click Open to complete file selection process and close file selection window
  • Click Next >> will bring up list of symbols (if there are multiple symbols within archive file) available within current archive file. In this case there is only NQ.
  • Click Finish then data tool will start importing the data.
Finished importing compress file.

Finished importing compress file.

Next check symbol minute data NQD_F at disk cache manager to verify the import result.

NeoTicker Data Tool can also be used for data backup and moving data from one machine to another.

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