NeoTicker 4.30 Build 13 Released

New Features

– Help file updated to include the new formula functions and IDL object methods

– RTD/DDE Link Manager added options for numeric precision

– DotNet indicators can now specify specific Interop files based on built-date of NeoTicker directly within the Indicator Definition window. This will make DotNet based indicators deployment much easier

Bug Fixes

– IQFeed support 2 digits year translation. It was implemented but the INI file was not updated to enable the new translation.

– IDL Itself.CompressSeries and related calls failed to properly update the compressed series when the source series timeframe is the same as the compressed timeframe resulting in bars added continuously whenever the method is call

– Related to above issue – volume and tick count update in compress series are not done accurately when called on a tick by tick basis. Fix implemented in this build works properly if the method is called once per tick update in real-time or during tick replay

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