NeoTicker 4.40 Build 5 Released

New Features

User Define Symbol Manager
– New options for external style to connection to another instance of NeoTicker for real-time updates

OLE Automation
UserDefineSymbol object new method UpdateEx
UpdateEx (symbol, UTC datetime, price, size, type)
type 0 is trade, type 1 is bid, type 2 is ask

– new indicator function exportcharttofile
exportcharttofile (condition, filename, custom message)
– new generic function shellexecute
shellexecute (condition, application, parameters, directory)
– new generic function ntutcnow

IDL Object
– new NTLib object function NTUTCNow

– holiday database updated
– holiday database update file for 2011 added
– core engine revision phase 2 completed

Bug Fixes

– F8/F9 shortcut keys broken in 4.30
– NeoBreadth History Generator when processing tick replay, data symbol is not available for access
– After pressing Control-J to launch Screenshot Tool, and finished taking screenshot, the Print Dialog will popup right after.
– version 4.20 lease version hard expiration code leaked into 4.30

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