NeoTicker 4.50 Build 5 Released


Formulas auto time out may cause problems for those users who are running NeoTicker with extremely heavy calculation using formulas. If you are not sure if it may affect your real-time calculation results, then do not upgrade to this build.

We are going to add extra options to User Preference allowing power users to fine tune their quote formula time out in next build.

New Features


– new string functions

@getuserfield (symbol, index)
@stringcat (string1, string2, …)
@stringfirstnonblank (string1, string2, …)

– new report window access functions

report.refreshhtmlview (windowname : string, refresh : boolean)
report.sethtmlview (windowname, bool)

– auto time out on 200 msec execution per cycle

Indicator Definition

– controlled formula execution time out
– debug option to force loading DLL during indicator initialization
– debug option to bypass OLE DLL security checking

Quote Window

– new context function rownum that works like the function of same name in dynamic table / frame


– Report object new methods

RefreshHTMLView (WindowName)
SetHTMLView (WindowName, UseHTMLView)

Report Window

– new HTML Display Mode
– new popup menu command to refresh HTML display

Pattern Scanner

– Timer added option to fire scanning using locale specified in Data Source

Coomunication with Grid Optimizer

– all ActiveX communication is now implemented with TCP alternative for use with GO2


– Advance Option is now indicated in the About window next to the build number

Bug Fixes

– Startup command -OPG sometimes fire off before Indicator Manager completing its intialization causing some custom indicators not recognized in the groups

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