MB Trading Order Server 6.0 Released

New Features

– support MB Desktop 11.8.0.xx (no longer works with prior MB Navigator)
– support all 3 types (daily, minute, tick) of MB historical data
– improved sync in handling positions and orders changes
– updated server spec to 200 symbols max for streaming


– you need MB Desktop installed and at least run it once before you can use this order server on the same computer
– you need to either turn off the ping option if you are upgrading from version 5.9 as mbtrading.com no longer a reliable ping reference site, or, you can specify a different website
– MB imposed a limit of 15 requests per minute for historical data, it can slow things down a bit (Update Jan 12, 2012 – We are notified by MB tech that the limit is higher, should be closer to 40 requests per minute. Hence we will try to work on an improved algo to optimize the handling of this limitation.)
– MB data is pretty good in quality, so if you need faster data loading, then learn to use the cache manager to reduce the amount of data download
– We have tested with 150+ symbols streaming in real-time with NeoBreadth data generation. I am impressed with its performance
– MB states that it has 10 years of daily, 1 year of minute, and 10-30 days of tick data. From testing, we found that most of the time MB has about 10 days of data for most of the symbols
– We have hold off the additional customizable MB visual windows until we have enough feedback on this release

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