Open E Cry Support

Open E Cry has been working on a major revision to their API since their integration with OptionExpress.

We have been working on their new API for a while and here are some great news.

First, the new individual symbol request capability from their feed means better control of what symbol you stream from them and reduced CPU load.

Second, remoting is now some what functional means you can start NeoTicker connected to their server, then start the OEC Trader app to run alongside NeoTicker. You get to keep all the order placement features you like with OEC Trader and having NeoTicker handling the complex analytics.

(The other way around, meaning starting OEC Trader first, then launch NeoTicker, does not result in proper connection.)

OEC does not provide us with an official release date yet for the new API. Whenever they are ready to release that, NeoTicker will have the order server ready too.

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