Open E Cry Order Server 2.00 Released


– If you are using a live account, do not install this new release until after OEC officially releases its new OEC Trader on the Live Server and Sim Server

New Features

– Support OEC API 3.5.x.x (OEC Trader 3.5) that will be released after Sep 2012
– Support parallel running with OEC Trader on the same computer
– Support dynamic symbol information loading with new OEC API

Important Notice

– Does not work with prior OEC API versions
– If you are installing both OEC Trader 3.5 and this new order server, remember to reboot computer and then launch OEC Trader 3.5 at least once to let it register its ActiveX / .Net components with Windows before you launch NeoTicker again
– First time you start NeoTicker with OEC connected, open the OEC Order Server window and check if the API is set to 3.5.x.x. If not, change the setting to 3.5.x.x and close the order server. The setting will then be automatically saved and NeoTicker will auto restart the order server for you afterwards.

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