NeoTicker 4.60 Build 4 Released


– No major functional changes to this release
– Do not install this release if you do not intend to use the new datafeeds and their related features
– The changes to handling garbage collection may affect NeoTicker stability, if you experience crashes please report to so that we can pinpoint the issue quickly

New Features

eSignal 11 support
– the esignal related options are moved to a separate tab in the server setup window
– a new option added default to choose eSignal 11 or newer release if it is there
– by unchecking the option you are telling NeoTicker to look for eSignal 10 to run
– NeoTicker no longer distribute the eSignal API DLLs so you must install eSignal to the standard locations for NeoTikcer to work with eSignal properly
– eSignal extended history add-on service supported on both eSignal 10 and 11
– historical data channel closing no long induce overall reconnection

IQFeed 4.9
– IQFeed 4.8 and 4.9 are supported
– IQFeed 4.7 is not compatible with IQFeed 4.9 so you must install IQFeed 4.9 software to use this release of NeoTicker
– coding completed to support new IQFeed segmented historical data request but it is disabled due to poor performance. The per request wait time is too long (10 to 15 secs). The current internal cache algorithm is way faster.
– With IQFeed 4.9, it is now possible to track 500+ symbols real time without slow down IF you have at least a quad core computer with decent amount of RAM and CPU power. You have to dedicate at least one core for data streaming.

UI Changes

– server setup window using the new UI


– holidays database updated to include 2012 and 2013 holidays
– merge file provided to update existing holiday list to include 2012 and 2013 holidays
– significant changes to the way garbage collection is handled (not fully implemented application-wide)

End Notes

– This is a special release to address the issues related to the datafeeds
– We have extracted a much earlier cut of NeoTicker (after version 4.50) and worked backward to put the code changes necessary into this release

– We have been working on the UI changes requiring us to replace the grid component within NeoTicker to another one that is both 32-bit and 64-bit compatible. The task is proven to be way more difficult than originally expected. Almost all visible windows in NeoTicker involve using the old grid component. We are effectively rewriting the UI of NeoTicker completely thus delaying the normal schedule of incremental release of new features on NeoTicker. Discussion with management is made on how to proceed from here.

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