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Average Range vs. Average True Range – Which one is better?

Many traders talk about ATR which stands for Average True Range, but from time to time you see indicators and technical analysis based on the Average Range, AR. So what’s the difference and which one is better?

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Countdown to Zero

Countdown time chart

(These two indicator are now part of the standard installation).

The above is countdown time chart example.

We have developed two indicators call Countdown Tick and Countdown Time, they are included as part of NeoTicker distribution. In this article we will explain the thought process and incremental steps that have taken during development.

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Gann Box – A Custom Drawing Tool Example

A user requested for the ability to draw Gann Box in his chart. Since he is not good at programming, we promised to have it done and here it is. The GannBox custom drawing tool is a good example on what can be done with custom drawing tool.

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Moving Average Is More Than What You Think – Part 1

Many traders after being in the business for couple of years will start to dismiss many things they have seen, be that moving average, stochastics, MACD, etc. To these traders, these indicators are just useless, lagging, and somethings simply misleading.

Is that really so?

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