Getting Ready for NeoTicker 4.3 and Beyond

After I last wrote about the upcoming NeoTicker version 4.3, one of our programmers who handle the overall user interface coding had accepted an offer to work for a client of our firm.

We are very happy for him as working for a hedge fund has always been what he wanted to do. The issue was that we were left with no one to complete the work he was responsible for. Adding to that, our top secret project on NeoTicker version 5 has so many UI changes it will be very difficult to keep it as a separate project when a team member is missing.

Software Versioning Model Change

After series of meetings and discussions with our programming team, we have decided to change our software versioning model from major version “jumping”, to a model that better reflect our vision of frequent updates with new features and bug fixes.

What I mean is that the upgrade policy on permanent licenses will change. The main differences are,

1. Someone purchased our product version X.Y will be entitled to free upgrade all the way up to  (X + 1).(Y – 1). For example, someone who purchased NeoTicker 4.3, will be entitled to free upgrade up to version 5.2.

2. Within 1 year of purchase or paid upgrade, the license is entitled to free upgrade on all upgrades released during the time period.

3. Those who purchased permanent licenses of NeoTicker and other products on or after June 1, 2010 will be included in this revised upgrade policy.

Boundaries among Major Releases are Now Blurred

The change in the versioning model enables us to add new features to our products without worrying about classification of features designated for major release and/or minor releases.

I now have the flexibility to merge the planned (and implemented) new features for NeoTicker 5 into our release schedule whenever I see fit.

Overall, it turns out to be a good change for everyone within our company and I am sure many of you are happy to see that new features will be added more quickly.

Back to Normal

Our coding schedule is back on track. Programmers are less stressful and more productive as we streamlined the feature planning and release schedule.

Will keep you all posted on our progress.


Static Model in Equity Monaco

The latest release of Equity Monaco sports a new user interface that reduces clutters and a new option for quick visualization of simple trading models defined by static statistics.

Here is a screenshot of the new Equity Monaco.


The new static model option is a very useful tool.

For those interested in learning trading system design, it can help them understand the basics and importance of monte carlo simulation on trading models without building an actual model first.

For those discretionary traders who want to improve their money management techniques but cannot grasp the impact of various position sizing methods, the static model option offers a way to find the answers visually.

By entering the exact winning/losing percentage and their corresponding average winning/losing amounts, one can generate the desired information quickly. For example, using the setting of 60% winners and 40% losers, where in both cases the amounts are $100, we find that the terminal equity is very likely (statistically speaking) that it will end up doubling the initial capital of $10,000.


Remember Equity Monaco is free. You can get it here.


Daily Comment Transition Completed!

Officially, daily commentary has now find a new home at

You will be able to find daily update on our breadth charts, etc. at its new home.


Celebrating 10 Years of Technical Excellence!

10th Cake

Entering its 10th anniversary, NeoTicker continues to revolutionize the trading world with its superior technologies and innovations.

To say thank you to our clients for their loyal support, we are offering our clients a one time special offer of 50% discount on selected products off their list prices.

You can find more information about the sale here.


MB Order Server Issue with Windows 7 64-bit

We figured out something very odds with Windows 7 64-bit. It seems like someone from Microsoft has made a mistake with their coding in handling OCX controls (like the ones from MB Trading). That causes the instability issue with the latest MB Order Server.

We thought it was MB – our bad, it’s not their fault.

We are now focusing on a bypass to workaround this issue.

Last time we reported the Vista bug with Aero theme, it is not fixed at all. And the corrected code went into Windows 7 when it was released. It makes no sense to hope for MS to take care of issues like this …

22 open for public access today!

We’ve completed our in-house run of the site and is now opening the site for public access today.


TASC Traders’ Tips: A Smoothed RSI Inverse Fisher Transform

SVE Inverse Fisher RSI indicator featured in Oct 2010 issue of TASC magazine written by Sylvain Vervoort, formula language version of the indicator is available for download at the following link.


TASC Inverse Fisher RSI


TASC Traders’ Tips: Swing Line

This is a formula language indicator feature in the article Getting Clear with Short Term Swing by Ron Black. Indicator is available for download at the following link, download and use indicator manager to install it.


TASC Swing Lines

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