Scan Example – Scanning for 52 Weeks High and Low

52 weeks high scanning resultThis example is based on an email question from user, the question was:

Can NeoTicker scan for 50 weeks high and low?

In NoeTicker scanning for 52 weeks high/low can be done either with pattern scanner or quote window real-time filtering.

52 weeks high scanning result

Pattern scanner
Click on pattern scanner button at main window or select Window> New> Pattern Scanner at NeoTicker main menu to open a new pattern scanner.

Right click on the new pattern scanner window and select Setup from popup menu, under pattern setup window the following tab settings are changed to create 52 weeks high scan.

Rank by: Indicator
Symbol List: 200501 Russell 1000
All other settings in option tab are not change from default.

Rank by field is selected to make indicator calculation result shown; this will allow comparison of last price to 52 weeks high. Symbol list selection is only for demonstration purpose it can be substituted with any other symbol list.

52weeks pattern scanner setup

Type: Weekly
Bar Size: 1
Days To Load 500

This scan is based on weekly bars so trading time setting in this case does not affect the result at all because there is only one bar per day, no price bar will be missed because of improper trading time setting.

Bar type is set to weekly for calculating 52 weeks high, days to load is set to 500 days because it will require a minimum of 52*5=260 days of data for highest high calculation to return valid result.

52weeks pattern scanner data settings

There are two indicators added in this scan.

At or exceed 52 weeks high: formula indicator which returns 1 when close is greater than or equal to 52 weeks high, to construct this indicator click on add button at scan setup window indicator tab. Select formula indicator at add indicator window, at parameter tab plot1 field enter the formula:

c>= hhv(1, data1.h, 52)

52weeks pattern scanner formula1

This formula compare current weekly bar close with highest high value of previous 52 weekly bars high, NeoTicker formula comparison returns 0 for false and 1 for true, therefore if current weekly bar close is greater than previous 52 weeks bar high this formula indicator will return a 1, so at C1 selection of this indicator “>” is selected and 0 is entered under Value field.

52 weeks high: formula indicator returns 52 weeks’ high price value, this formula indicator has plot1 formula:

hhv(1, data1.h, 52)

52weeks pattern scanner formula2

This indicator serve two purposes first is to filter out any invalid highest high price results, second is to provide a visual confirmation of scanning result.

RK checkbox is checked for 52 weeks high indicator, this means scanning result will be shown rank by this indicator calculation result.

52weeks pattern scanner indicator setup

Check the Last Price check box and change the minimum the 0.01, this filtering is to make sure the symbol is still an active symbol.

52weeks pattern scanner setup current

This complete the scan set up process, to start the scan click on apply and start scan button at the lower right hand corner of pattern setup window.

Quote Window

52weeks pattern scanner quote window

– right click on quote window select symbol list> import from the popup menu, I’ve used NASDAQ 100 in this example.
– right click on quote window select insert column> 52WeekLow, this column will be used in comparison formula
– right click and select setup from popup menu, click on row filter tab and enter the formula: last>=f52weekhigh. Click on apply button to save row filtering formula.

52 weeks quote window row filter

Note: formula in quote window can include any column name as part of the formula. In NeoTicker quote window formula syntax a “f” is required to precise column name 52weekhigh because it starts with number, “f” is required for all column name starts with number.

Click on start row filtering button to see the result.

The downside of quote window filtering is some internet data provider put a limit on number of symbol users can access real-time, since quote window real-time filtering require all symbols to update real-time, therefore symbol limit will cap the number of symbol a filtering can process.

Right click on the following link 52weeks high low export group and save the file to your local harddrive, then use Group> Import Package to import the example group, with 2 quote windows and 2 scanners for both 52 weeks high and low.

After loading the demo 52 weeks scan group into NeoTicker both pattern scanner windows will start up as blank, to start the scanner right click on the pattern scanner window and select scan now.

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