Using MB Trading with NeoTicker

This article show how to connect NeoTicker to MB Trading to receive data and place order.

Follow steps below to establish connection between NeoTicker and MB Trading data and order placement.

1, download and install MBTrading Order Server.
2, download and install MBT Navigator.
3, setup NeoTicker to use MB Trading as data feed.
4, setup NeoTicker to place order to MB Trading.

1, Download and install MBTrading Order Server

Go to NeoTicker download page, select MB Trading as your brokerage after click on confirm a link to download MBTrading order server will show up on the page.

Download NT MBT order server installation file to local drive and install it. For paid users order servers are also available at customer area.

2, MBT Navigator

MBT Navigator is installed when you sign-up to MB Trading. If MBT Navigator does not exist on local machine, it can be downloaded from MB Trading. You can also sign-up for demo account at MB Trading site if you are not a brokerage customer.

Refer to order server page for latest supported MBT Navigator version.

3, setup NeoTicker to use MB Trading

After installing NT MBT order server, a selection to use MB Trading Brokerage as data source will be available under Other field at Server Setup window.

Server Setup with MB Trading Brokerage

Server Setup with MB Trading Brokerage

Go into server setup window at data feed tab select Other and select MB Trading Brokerage, click OK and restart NeoTicker to connect to MBT Navigator.

4, setup NeoTicker to place order to MB Trading

This section can be skipped by users who use MB Trading as data source, since MB Trading will be used at broker interface.

For users who use data feed (e.g. IQFeed, eSignal) as real-time data source, and wish to place order to MB Trading, at Order Interface Setup window select ActiveX Broker Interface and select MB Trading at drop down selection. Then NeoTicker will fire up MB Trading order server, after connection establish orders can be placed to MB Trading from NeoTicker order forms and account manager.

Note: data feeds and brokerage have different future contract symbols format, symbol translation must be set at symbol info manager to place future contract orders.

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