Understanding Your eSignal Subscription

Managing your subscription with eSignal sometimes can be confusing. Here is some tips and information that are useful for both new and long time subscribers of their services.

Delay data for specific region has to be added manually

Some data feeds (including eSignal several years ago) automatically provide delay data for exchanges you have not signed up for real-time streaming. Due to the fact that eSignal has grown into an international data provider, there are way too much data to send out on all exchanges that you have not subscribed to.

Limitation on historical data access during peak hours

During the first and last trading hour when the US stock market opens, some limitation to the amount of historical data you can download is imposed.

If you expected to load a lot of historical data, especially tick data, then it is better to do that before market open.

Historical bid/ask data are available to subscribed exchanges only

For those traders interested in bid/ask analysis, it is important to know that you need real-time subscription to get historical tick data that includes the bid/ask data. If you do not have the subscription, the historical tick data you download would include the trade data only.

Extended historical data option does not work with 3rd party applications

eSignal has not added this option to their API, thus 3rd party applications cannot access those extra historical minute data even if you can see them within eSignal’s own software.

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