Performance Sensitivity

For most traders, when tracking their own performances, or measuring the performance of trading systems, a tendency is to look for almost perfect improvement over time. We always want the performances to get better, stay in top shape, etc. In reality, such push can be harmful and can backfire.

Attached is an Excel spreadsheet showing the potential reason why and how to monitor trading performances using a relaxed condition that works well over the long term.

The Spreadsheet

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An Excel Worksheet on Trading Performance

Many traders learned the importance of keeping records of all their trades. There are even software to help you analyze your performance by compiling tons of statistics, etc. I have here a simple spreadsheet that I think will be useful no matter you are a system or discretionary trader.

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Introducing Add-on for NeoTicker

We’ve decided to add a special category for add-on tools that work with NeoTicker. Spreadsheets, small applications, etc. designed to work with NeoTicker will be posted under this category.

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