Ichimoku Charting

Ichimoku Charting is a form of trend following trading technique. Here is an example chart group with the Ichimoku indicators.

Ichimoku Example_20100414_230809
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Howto List and Rank Indicator Result

NeoTicker® quote window have formula columns which allow users to easily see multiple symbols indicator calculated results in a list format. However quote window calculated columns are not available when NeoTicker® is in offline mode, in this case pattern scanner can be used to list indicator results.
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Stock Trading Using Stochastics (End of Day)

Stochastics is one of the most widely used technical indicators in the world. Surprisely, most traders like to modify the original indicator into something else because they find the original implementation too noisy.

I am going to show you a trading setup using the original Stochastics SlowK indicator that works very well on daily data across many stocks that I think you will consider re-examine this classic technical indicator once more.

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Formula 101 – #11 Case Study 1 End of Day Trade Plan

I am going to show you a trade plan – a worksheet with all the important information that a trader use for making their trading decisions in the next trading day on the symbols he/she trades.

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Scan Example – Scanning for 52 Weeks High and Low

52 weeks high scanning resultThis example is based on an email question from user, the question was:

Can NeoTicker scan for 50 weeks high and low?

In NoeTicker scanning for 52 weeks high/low can be done either with pattern scanner or quote window real-time filtering.
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