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Proper Installation of NeoTicker on Windows 7

Many users have experienced difficulties in moving their NeoTicker installation onto a new computer with Windows 7 and NeoTicker 4.40 (or higher).

Here is a short explanation of what to do.

1. Clean installation of NeoTicker 4.40 (or higher). DO NOT INSTALL AN OLD VERSION FIRST AND PERFORM AN UPGRADE. Make sure there is no other old version files there.

2. Launch NeoTicker once. It will let NeoTicker copy all the necessary data files to the user document directory.

3. DO NOT COPY your old files into NeoTicker’s application directory

4. Copy your user files like windows, groups, indicators, cache data, etc. into the newly created NeoTicker4 data folder located at the user document directory under the TickQuest folder.

The default data location is,

At this point, when you launch NeoTicker, it will pick up your old settings and function properly from the default data location.

Windows 7 is not Windows XP although they share the same name. You cannot copy user data into application directory without special permissions and changes to the user authorizations from Win7.

By following Win7 standard and copy your existing user files into the document folder as outlined above, it will save you a lot of troubles from struggling with Windows 7 UAC (user access control) mess in the future.

The advantage of doing a proper installation is that all you need in the future, when you move your NeoTicker from one computer to another, is to copy the whole folder located in the documents folder onto the new computer in the same location. No more messy selection of files from within the application direcotry to copy over to the new computer.


TASC Traders’ Tips: A Smoothed RSI Inverse Fisher Transform

SVE Inverse Fisher RSI indicator featured in Oct 2010 issue of TASC magazine written by Sylvain Vervoort, formula language version of the indicator is available for download at the following link.


TASC Inverse Fisher RSI


Solutions to frequent or odd disconnects from your real-time datafeed (part 2)

Using direct connection has its advantage (over Wi-Fi)

It is best to use direct connection (i.e. with ethernet cable and all that) over Wi-Fi connection, because it can remove one potential cause of disconnect easily. Interference within your home can sometimes disconnect your computer from the Internet.

For example, there are some wireless home phone that, when in use, can drop your computer’s Wi-Fi connection quality significantly. If you experience data lag or disconnect when you are on the phone, then see if you can move the base of the wireless home phone away from the computer to improve the situation.
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Howto Export/Import Groups

NeoTicker export/import group function allow users to move a whole group from one machine to another or share a setup with your friends over the network.
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S&P 500 Breadth Chart 2010-03-10


As of 2010 Mar 10 close.

SP_D3A model : short

What are SP_D3A and SP_TICK16?


Howto Build Calculated Symbols 2

This time around I will show how to build a spread symbol and a completely new method to fill in historical calculation that better emulate real time data building using lower time frame and compress series calls.
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Howto Build Calculated Symbols

Calculated symbols are symbols base on modifying underlying data, resulting data can be used as regular data series for real-time or historical data analysis.

NeoTicker user defined symbols provide real-time custom calculated data series, historical data for these calculated symbols can be filled in with calculated cache data.
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Solutions to frequent or odd disconnects from your real-time feed

We have worked with many clients to setup their computers to work better with real-time data streaming and trading purposes. Here are some tips (and funny stories) that work very well to maintain your internet connections in prime condition.
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Using Excel with NeoTicker Part 1


You need to take a snapshot of the current market prices of a list of symbols and format the data for presentation purpose. NeoTicker® can export data directly to Excel and reformat the data for this purpose.
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Using MB Trading with NeoTicker

This article show how to connect NeoTicker to MB Trading to receive data and place order.

Follow steps below to establish connection between NeoTicker and MB Trading data and order placement.

1, download and install MBTrading Order Server.
2, download and install MBT Navigator.
3, setup NeoTicker to use MB Trading as data feed.
4, setup NeoTicker to place order to MB Trading.
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