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Case study: Add Chart Indicator Alert

This is a step by step example shows how to add alert in a chart that triggers when color of an indicator change according to color formula rule “Up Down” in color tab.
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Cone Projection


An example of using the Cone Projection indicator in real-life.

Emini S&P 5-minute with 100 days of data loaded. Cone Projection parameter using daily break, lookback period of 90.

What does the indicator do?

It utilizes the moving average by step indicator to figure out the potential high/low at any point in time at the chosen break period. In our example, it figures out how far on average the price would move from open of the day to any particular point in time.

The red lines are the averages and the blue lines are 1 standard deviation away.

How to use the indicator?

The indicator provides a projected path of support and resistance over time based on your break criteria. In the example, the projection is based on Day break, thus you can see the projection for the whole trading day beforehand.

For a range bounded day, travelling from one end of the average to the other often signal completion of a move, as illustrated by the 2nd and 3rd day in the chart.

For a trending day, the market will stay between the average and the one deviation zone, as in the first day shown in the screenshot.


TASC Traders’ Tip: Uptrend HA

This indicator highlights bars green or red base on Heikin Ashi candle condition.


TASC Uptrend HA


TASC Traders’ Tip: Asymmetrical RSI

Indicator Asymmetrical RSI was mentioned in the article Asymmetrical RSI written by Sylvain Vervoort. This indicator is implemented using NeoTicker formula language, it accept one parameter period.

Download indicator source code at the following link and use script manager to install and start using the indicator.


Asymmetrical RSI (tasc_arsi.for)


Russell 2000 Trading on ICE

Russell 2000 officially move over to ICE this week. If you trade Russell, your subscription to CME real-time data is not enough to receive data for Russell going forward.

1. Subscription

You need to enable subscription to ICE real-time data. Some data vendors offer special index only package in case you are not interested in other non-financial products from the exchange.

2. Symbology

You need to check with your data vendor for the correct symbol.

e.g. eSignal’s ICE Russell 2000 Mini is TF Z8 for the Dec 2008 contract

3. Continuous Contract

To define a continuous contract symbol, use the Continuous Contract Manager.

For Russell 2000 Mini, you can use the pre-defined rule for Index Future.

4. Existing Data

You can simply copy your existing data files from the Cache directory to the directory for the new symbol.


Adding Standard Deviation Bands to Indicators

We have recieved the following support question:

How to add standard deviation bands to VWAP?

In NeoTicker there are two ways to add these bands: 1, use indicator on indicator without writing a line of code. 2, use formula indicator to produce calculation result. These two methods can be apply to any existing indicators.
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TASC Traders’ Tips: Premier Stochastic Oscillator

Indicator from article Premier Stochastic Oscillator is available for download at the following link. Download indicator file into your local harddirve and use Indicator Manager to install it before it is available for use in NeoTicker.

Export group file is sample trading system based on signals presented in the article. Chart used symbol #ER2 which is continuous symbol under NeoTicker, if the data source in use do not have a pre-built Continuous Contract symbol list in NeoTicker, the symbol will have to change to match Russell 2000 futures contract of the data source in use. To use the file download it into your local harddrive and use Group> Import Package to improt the chart group into NeoTicker.


Indicator Premier Stochastic Oscillator

BacktestEZ System Chart File


TASC Traders’ Tips: Heikin Ashi Bar

TASC write up submission from February 2004.

This is a formula indicator that with 4 plots and plot result with meta style candle in a new pane.

To use this indicator in NeoTicker download the following file, then use indicator manager to install the formula script. Then at time chart add indicator window select Heikin-Ashi Data Series to apply it to a time chart.


Heikin Ashi Formula Indicator


TASC Traders’ Tips: RSI Timing Model for ETFs

NeoTicker formula language version of the system from June 2008 TASC article “Profit from ETFs” written by Gerald and Trent Gradner.

The original side bar RSI timing system contain only long signals, for example purposes I have added short side signals, these short signals are triggered when opposite condition to long signal has occured. An additional selection parameter allow users turn on short side of the system.

Two files are available for download formula langauge trading sytem (tasc_profitetf.for), use Indicator manager to install this indicator file after download. Export chart group (profitwithetf_chart.txt), use Group> Import package to import this chart setup as shown in Traders’ Tips submission.


Profit with ETF formula language system

Profit with ETF export chart


Case Study: Custom TRIN

This is an example on how to build a custom $TRIN using your own symbol list, Dow Jones 30 is used as the symbol list in this example.

There are four components in TRIN calculation advance issuses, decline issues, advance volume and decline volume. These four components need to be constructed individually, then combine them using either formula or user defined symbol.
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