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Interactive Brokers TWS Build 907.7

For users who connect NeoTicker to IB TWS for order placement or data, do not upgrade to TWS build 907.7 release on August 2, 2010 until further notice, as current version of NeoTicker IB order server is not compatible with TWS latest build.

For users who have already upgraded, you can download and previous version of TWS from IB site.


Something About DaytradingBias.com

I promised to provide some details on DaytradingBias.com. Here it is!

The concept came from the mass amount of emails I received throughout the years asking for help from retail traders, both beginners and struggling ones. It is no secret that learning to trade is not easy and that daytrading is well-known for its 90% failure rate within first year.

I have answered as many emails as I could and posted some pointer articles in the neoticker blog site. But it seems like the knowledge and information are lost in cyberspace as I keep receiving more questions on similar topics almost all the time.

DaytradingBias.com is my effort to organize the knowledge and information in a way that is easy to access for all.

General trading related materials, educational materials for trading, and commentaries on various markets will be posted in the DaytradingBias.com website, while NeoTicker specific materials will stay with NeoTicker blog. This will make DaytradingBias.com pretty platform neutral and encourage healthy discussions among traders no matter what tools they are using.


DaytradingBias.com Launch Getting Closer!

We have been working on our side project, daytradingbias.com, for quite sometime already. Most of the stuff we want to put into the site is now ready.

Will post more information about the site soon.


Civic Holiday (August 2) Office Hours

Our sales office will be closed.

Support normal hours.


Canada Day Office Hours

Our office will be closed on July 1, Canada Day.

Support will be available through email and forum.


G8/G20 Summit in Toronto (update)

We are sending our staff home now. Organized protest at downtown core is now expected.

Support questions can be posted at the forum and we will handle questions remotely.


G8/G20 Summit in Toronto

As our office is located in downtown Toronto, we are affected by the traffic redirection and security measures imposed by the police from Friday to Sunday.

Fedex may not offer normal service starting tomorrow (Friday).

Sorry for the inconvenience.


In-house server room relocation and expansion (completed)

Construction work is done.

We are taking this opportunity to clean up the office. i.e. throwing away old stuff like old computers etc.

The whole place looks new!


Getting Ready for NeoTicker 4.30 Part 2

2nd installment on the changes in NeoTicker 4.30 that will help users utilize their computers and data services in ways never possible before.
Continue Reading…


In-house server room relocation and expansion (update)

Construction work in progress at this moment.

Will make sure backfill is working properly with minimal downtime.

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