Static Model in Equity Monaco

The latest release of Equity Monaco sports a new user interface that reduces clutters and a new option for quick visualization of simple trading models defined by static statistics.

Here is a screenshot of the new Equity Monaco.


The new static model option is a very useful tool.

For those interested in learning trading system design, it can help them understand the basics and importance of monte carlo simulation on trading models without building an actual model first.

For those discretionary traders who want to improve their money management techniques but cannot grasp the impact of various position sizing methods, the static model option offers a way to find the answers visually.

By entering the exact winning/losing percentage and their corresponding average winning/losing amounts, one can generate the desired information quickly. For example, using the setting of 60% winners and 40% losers, where in both cases the amounts are $100, we find that the terminal equity is very likely (statistically speaking) that it will end up doubling the initial capital of $10,000.


Remember Equity Monaco is free. You can get it here.

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